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Is the Spartan and Sonic 4K endorsed by Sega?

No. The Spartan is not endorsed by Sega. This project serves to build a working prototype to propose to Sega. In turn, entice them to come back to the console hardware market with a current gen console.

Sonic 4K is a fan made tech demo. It will not be sold for commercial purposes.

Will there be a kickstarter for the Spartan?

For now we are not relying on crowd funding for development of the prototype. There is no specific date when this could happen because there are many obstacles to overcome.

How much will the unit price for the Spartan be?

Unfortunately, this information can't be given out yet. But we do aim to have it somewhere between the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X.

Will the Spartan support games from previous generation Sega consoles?

The console can currently play games from the Game Gear, Master System, Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast through software/hardware emulation. But only when the system is endorsed by Sega, there will be an online store which will allow you to download your favourite titles directly to your Spartan console. There are plans to make specialised drives to read Dreamcast and Saturn games in the future. But that is only in the future.

Is the Spartan console part of the Dreamcast 2 project?

No. The Spartan console is a completely new project built from scratch and is not run by anyone that was involved in Project Dream. Fortunately, the creators of Project Dream have been kind enough to help get word out about the Spartan console. We all share the same passion and love for Sega.

The Spartan uses emulation, does that mean it's just a front end for Libretro and RetroArch?

No, Libretro and RetroArch are not used on the Spartan in any way, shape, or form.

SpartanOS is semi open sourced? What does that mean?

SpartanOS is based off of a Linux-based operating system. The only closed source code on this system is the proprietary Spartan Client software.

Note that SpartanOS will only support the Spartan console hardware.

Will the Spartan support indie game developers?

You bet. We're working to get a software development kit prepared to be part of our proposal to Sega. An announcement will be made closer to the time.

How can I stay up to date with news on the Spartan?

Official news about the Spartan console will come directly from our newsletter which is relayed from our website. Please always double check your sources and reference our news section.

This section will be constantly updated as time progresses. We'll keep you updated via email when this is updated.

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